BlackieOps Logo

BlackieOps operates

  • 🖥️ Internet infrastructure, services, and websites;
  • 🇨🇦 fully hosted within Canadian borders;
  • 🙋‍♀️ powered by proven open-source solutions;
  • 👨‍💻 and a bit of custom software.

Software Projects

In addition to hosted services, BlackieOps also maintains a collection of in-house software solutions written from scratch to solve more specific needs.

blackieops / incert

incert provides an easy script-based approach to maintaining an internal, offline certificate authority with OpenSSL and bash.

blackieops / deploy-app

Extremely simple deploy lifecycle tool based on a couple shell scripts. Facilitates versioned deploys across self-run infrastructure using standard Unix tools. Perfect for small or hobby deployments.

blackieops / captum

A full-solution knowledge base platform for managing both internal and external documentation with advanced access controls.

blackieops / bodyguard

Single-Sign-On (SSO) middleware reverse-proxy, protecting endpoints with SAMLv2 or OAuth2/OpenID Connect authorization, for cases where implementing login is infeasible (eg., static content or third-party apps).

DevOps Projects

Automation encourages modular approaches to deployment, which means many parts of our DevOps stack can be shared. These are some of those parts.

blackieops / apexredirector

A small Docker container that will redirect all requests that hit it to the www subdomain of the requested domain.

blackieops / roadwarrior-gateway

An Ansible role for rapid deployment of a tunneling OpenVPN server to use on untrusted networks.

blackieops / base

An Ansible role for bootstrapping any Linux-based server with best practice configuration and various useful libraries and packages.

Hosted Applications

BlackieOps provides several hosted services as alternatives to common, foreign-based, cloud-operated services. Registration and access is limited to those only with a BlackieOps ID.

BlackieOps ID (Keycloak)

A single-sign-on solution to centralize security policy and simplify onboarding and authentication across the BlackieOps Network.

BlackieOps CI (Drone CI)

Cloud-native continuous integration and delivery to facilitate rapid development and modern practices.

BlackieOps Docs (Captum)

Private documentation and wiki-style collaboration space for knowledge base construction, internal education, or recordkeeping.

BlackieOps Cloud (Nextcloud)

Enterprise-grade document and file synchronization and cloud storage on all your devices, paired with calendar, contacts, and video conferencing solutions for complete productivity.


In addition to infrastructure and web applications, BlackieOps also hosts, and in some cases authors, content-driven websites.

Deploy a Website (

The website that provides educational guides on how to deploy other websites.

BlackieOps PKI (

Portal for quick access to public certificates used by BlackieOps. An internal certificate authority is maintained for ultimate trust and security of many critical or private services.