BlackieOps offers consulting for cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, and software development, and operates Canadian-domestic cloud services for businesses and VIPs.

DevOps & Infrastructure

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Whether your new to the cloud or have a decade of legacy deployments, we can help get your infrastructure in-shape and in-budget.

  • Cloud Scaling
  • Cloud Inventory Audit
  • Automation and IaC Adoption
  • Disaster Readiness
  • IAM Assessment
  • PostgreSQL Scaling

We're comfortable with most technologies, but especially love OpenTofu/Terraform, Ansible, Linux, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

IT & Cybersecurity

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Now that business has gone online, you need to ensure your data and systems are safe from compromise. Don't be the next data breach headline.

  • Backup & Disaster Planning
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Secure Code Review
  • Email Security / DMARC
  • Digital Transformation

Software Development

Let's Build Together

Our bottom-up skillset from the network to the browser provides a unique and truly full-stack insight into building clean, efficient, and secure software.

  • Project Recovery
  • Rapid Greenfield MVP
  • Senior Developers & Mentorship
  • Systems Architecture & Design
  • Legacy Maintenance

We're comfortable with almost any programming language or framework, but especially love Elixir, Erlang, Go, Quarkus, and Ruby/Rails.


Portrait of Alex Blackie

Alex Blackie

Founder, President

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Alex has over a decade of practical software development and infrastructure operations experience, spanning tiny startups to companies in the Fortune 100, Shopify, and Wealthsimple. He has lead and implemented numerous infrastructure projects, including DevOps transformations and racking colocated hardware.

Building infrastructure is only half the story. Alex has also been a member of security blue teams, managed bug bounty programs, and worked on projects with high security and regulatory requirements. A diligent security mindset is woven into the fabric of everything he works on.

This experience and security mindset is now reflected in BlackieOps' services, products, and standard operating procedures.