Cloud Infrastructure and IT services.

BlackieOps provides IT and cybersecurity consulting services to the SMB sector, as well as operates Canadian-domestic cloud services for businesses and individuals.

IT & Cybersecurity

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In an increasingly digital world, ensuring your data and business security has become a cross-cutting concern for all industries.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disruptions in infrastructure can destroy a business, especially if data is lost. We can advise and implement IT disaster recovery playbooks, risk mitigation strategies, and backup systems to ensure business continuity in the face of disaster.

DNS Management & Security

DNS is the critical foundation of modern online business, from your website to your email. BlackieOps provides expert DNS zone management (nameservers, DNS-as-code) and security hardening (DNSSEC, DKIM, DMARC, SPF, audits) to ensure you stay online and operating.

IAM & Authorization

As a company grows, so too does its vulnerability to account takeover (ATO) and insider threats. Whether it's rolling out MFA and password management, or locking down cloud IAM service account policies, we can help.

Application Hosting

From a static website, to an enterprise-scale monolith, we are experts in running highly-available, scalable infrastructure based on container technology both on and off the cloud.

Managed Nextcloud

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Your data is too important to trust to Big Tech's whims. BlackieOps Managed Nextcloud provides an enterprise-ready installation of Nextcloud with white-glove support and personalised onboarding.

Dedicated Tenancy

Every Managed Nextcloud instance is an isolated installation of Nextcloud with administrative access, fully encrypted on dedicated storage.

Resiliency comes standard

All BlackieOps services utilise multi-datacentre infrastructure, meaning an entire datacentre can fail with no impact to your data. Our disaster and backup strategies span minimally three separate datacentre regions.

Hosted in Canada

BlackieOps is a 100% Canadian-owned business, and operates servers exclusively within Canada. We have infrastructure spanning Montréal, Toronto, and Québec City.

Fully Encrypted

BlackieOps Managed Nextcloud leverages full-disk encryption unique to every customer and encryption in transit with modern TLS. Customer-managed end-to-end encryption is also available for extreme security.


Portrait of Alex Blackie

Alex Blackie

Founder, President

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Alex has over a decade of practical software development and infrastructure operations experience, spanning tiny startups to companies in the Fortune 100, Shopify, and Wealthsimple. He has lead and implemented numerous infrastructure projects, including DevOps transformations and racking colocated hardware.

Building infrastructure is only half the story. Alex has also been a member of security blue teams, managed bug bounty programs, and worked on projects with high security and regulatory requirements. A diligent security mindset is woven into the fabric of everything he works on.

This experience and security mindset is now reflected in BlackieOps' services, products, and standard operating procedures.